Parent Involvement

Parent Involvementtitle

We welcome parent involvement at Rio Del Oro Elementary School. Research shows that students whose parents are involved in their education generally are more successful in school and in life.
Please visit the school office any time and stay in touch with your child's teacher - see the Staff Directory for phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
We also welcome community participation, including donations of time, money, materials and expertise.
To help you know what's going on at school, check out these services for parents and community members:
Parent Newsletter
This weekly newsletter will keep you informed about all the important dates, news, activities and services provided at our school. To contribute to the newsletter, call the Newsletter Editor, Cheryl Thompson/email, at 530.749.0690. To view all of the newsletters, click here.
Student / Parent Handbook

Student / Parent Handbooktitle

View the Student / Parent Handbook for additional information about the school, including:
  • Rules
  • Behavior guidelines
  •  Appropriate attire
  •  Emergencies
  •  Absences
  •  Tardies
  • and more
*Pick up a copy of the Student / Parent Handbook in the Front Office.